UPDATE: The New Gig

Just got the word that funding has been pushed through and I can start next week. Since all of my stuff arrives next week and we need to hustle to store it and get the house in order I think waiting until the following Monday makes a bit more sense. My boss was completely understanding of my need to get the homestead squared away before leaping into something new, which is incredibly helpful.

Again, I am amazed at how things are falling into place in a weird way. I’m not entirely sure this is my dream job (actually I know it’s not since there’s no mention of things like “free ice cream” or “foot massage Monday”) or what but it’s a step in the right direction. Considering that I thought I wouldn’t have an answer until August it’s a pleasant surprise to hear positive news so soon.

Tomorrow’s plans include a hair appointment just to round off my Week of Pampering 2008.


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