Breeders May Want to Avert Their Eyes

I debated whether or not I should post this as an item of interest, considering that my previous post was dedicated to a baby. Seems a little schizo, but I prefer to think of it as balanced.

As much as I love babies and children and love that my friends and family are putting fantastic little people on the planet, I’ve always been on the fence on the whole “I want kids” issue. And the older I get the more I find myself leaning towards the “Um, no thanks” side. My personal barometer for this has always been “How far would I actually go in order to have a child?” and it turns out I really don’t want to be inconvenienced. And if the mere process of procuring said hypothetical kid would be an “inconvenience” then how well-suited am I to the actual process of raising and caring for a kid? Probably not so much.

Maybe I’m a selfish person but think of it this way: do you want a selfish person like me unleashing her half-assed raised kid on the world? Didn’t think so.

Why do I have a feeling I have been kicked off the Christmas card list of my entire family and most of my friends? And that I won’t be getting many birthday party invitations any time soon, either?

Oh, and I totally reserve the right to change my mind on this if the circumstances of my life should change or I just feel like it.

Mad props to Jen “The Boss” Pelletier for posting this link on her Facebook profile as well.


3 thoughts on “Breeders May Want to Avert Their Eyes

  1. puh-leeze!!! you should have absolutely no shame at all. there are WAY more children being born than the planet can handle. i think that it’s the breeders who are truly being selfish. “i just want one of my own” – get over it! volunteer at a hospital! adopt! be a foster parent!

    and what on earth is wrong with not wanting to be fully responsible for an entire human being? it’s a TON of work, and rarely works out the way that you intended it to. sure sure, life lessons, deep heart-bonding, etc etc etc. that’s all well and good. but i think that you’ve been a Rock Star sister and aunt and i think that the world benefits at least as much from folks in that role as it does from moms. *smooches* !!!

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