What a Way to Make a Living

You know your day is off to a good start when the first song you hear on the radio is “Mickey” by Toni Basil.

Apparently when I left my job in this department two years ago no one deactivated my email account, which means I literally had over 900 messages waiting for me this morning. Nothing of grave importance, although I did miss a few ice cream socials.

I am working on a few projects and love that much of my day was spent researching energy and sustainability policies at various institutions…and my bosses want me to write one up for our school. So two of my great loves – writing and the Earth – are all over each other and it’s blowing my mind.

Mixed feelings about my workspace. I’m at a perfectly functional desk stocked with enough Post-Its and such to keep me happy for a good long time, but it’s in the conference room which means no window. And no co-workers milling around, which can be half the fun of working in an office. The bright side? No co-workers milling around, which means I’m streaming KFOG and got to turn “Sweet Emotion” up a little louder than would be OK if I had cubiclemates or something.

During lunch with my mom there were a few Police and Fire Academy cadet sightings. Yes, these guys were born in 1992 or some such ridiculousness, but Mrs. Robinson over here doesn’t care. Koo-koo kachoo indeed.

Then on the way home I got to rock out to Joan Jett and then Rick Astley so yeah, it was the best Monday ever.


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