Karma and Stuff

Hey there Interweb. How’s your day going? Mine is going well, too, thanks. But I have this friend and she’s having a rough time. Like, the stuff I have been dealing with? That’s a freaking picnic compared to what she’s got going on. You know the good will and positive energy you have so generously given me? Would you mind throwing that her way, for a day or so (longer if you like)? Weird and un-Christen-like as it sounds, I am more convinced than ever that all of the good that has come my way is a result of others sharing their strength with me at a time when everything felt out of control. Life is going well, and I could stand to share some of that with someone else.

I know you don’t know her and I’m not getting into specifics as I’d like to respect her privacy, but trust me on this. She needs it more than I do at the moment. Not sure what to do exactly? Just re-focus all of the encouraging thoughts and feelings you have sent me “out there” and trust that it will reach the right person. If you need to attach a name, just call her “Christen’s friend” and the universe will take care of the rest.

I’d consider it a personal favor, really. Thanks.


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