All I Know is the Soundtrack Will Be Great

A little while ago I posed the question “Who would play me in the movie of my life?” and KorpsKanzler was the only one who stepped up with an answer: Tilda Swinton. Now, I enjoy her work and all, but I can’t help but think that someone playing me needs…something else.


A friend once told me I remind him of Janeane Garofalo and today another person told me that I’ve got the Garofalo-vibe going. Interesting. We both have the self-depracating thing happening, although she seems to have more of an indignant, angry attitude toward humanity. But, I can see it. We’ll throw her hat in the ring.

OK, getting there…

The obvious answer to the original question finally hit me: Tina Fey. I’ve been rocking my glasses again and it’s no secret that I LOVE her. Clearly this would be ideal as we’d have to meet and hang out and strip down to our bras and panties for a tickle fight …oh, hey, what’s up? You’re still there? Sorry about that.

Oh, Hello you…

Casting issues aside, there will be a scene where movie Christen dances on a table or bar to Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” because you know real-life Christen has done it.


5 thoughts on “All I Know is the Soundtrack Will Be Great

  1. i’m just annoyed that molly ringwald is too old for the part. maybe we can do some ‘flash forward’ scenes to you in the future…

  2. Hey, I said my movie version of your life would be a David Lynch gig…

    I mean, ANYONE can make a John Hughes CKD movie blindfolded! But David Lynch! Man! Picture you doing your Elaine dance to the strains of Angelo Badalamenti and the crooning of Julie Cruise?

    And don’t forget the backwards-talkin’, moonwalkin’ dwarf emerging from the rear end of a roast chicken! Pure Cannes…

  3. Speaking as someone who has seen you strip down to bra and exchange blouses with my attractive wife in a bar, let me say I was disappointed that there was no tickling.

  4. KorpsKanzler: Right, right…I forgot this was the David Lynch version of my life. OK, Tilda is a go for that one.

    Rico: We are saving the tickle fight for your “Welcome Home” party. You’re welcome.

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