Are you still running? How often? How far?

Yes: I run three days in a row, then take a day off. Why that schedule? Because my left knee hurts if I push it and I’m old so back off. My route is roughly a mile.

Have you started the South Beach Diet yet?

Oh, hells no. I’ve got a happy hour thing tomorrow and a trip to Portland with COLLEGE FRIENDS. All energy must be focused on getting bail money together, packing, and finding a karaoke bar.

How is your job going? Why don’t we ever hear anything about life at the office?

New job is going really well! I don’t really want to write about work because it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Plus, there’s really nothing exciting to report. “Went to a meeting, we decided to move forward with Phase 2 of blah blah…” Yeah. As far as I can tell there’s no official policy about blogging about work, so if something incredibly cool or crazy happens, you’ll hear about it.

Speaking of work, have you heard from Crazy Boss from your former place of employment?

Nope. Last I heard from her was a horribly mean voice mail message she left on my last day of work. Seems sort of perfect that this was her way of saying “farewell and good luck” so we’ll keep it that way.

Dude, what is UP with your hair?

I know, right? Something needs to be done to rein all this in. And fast.

Quick: Ponch or John?

Ponch. No contest.


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