No Sleep ‘Til…

This weekend CKD is headed to lovely Portland for a wedding reception in honor of Kim and Justin. I intend to bask in the glow of true love, great friends and the fabulous Portland summertime weather.

Also, there will be booze.

Warning labels on medication will be ignored, sleep is optional, and the likelihood that I will spit out my drink from laughing so hard is high. I can’t wait.

I’m thinking I may need to appoint someone to be The Boss of Me as a means of minimizing property damage and unexplained bruises. The last thing I need is to come home missing an eyebrow and covered in Sharpie tattoos. Did I tell you what I did last time I partied with these people? No? Yeah, there’s a reason for that.

Jen is the obvious choice for this job since we are sharing a hotel room and she is, after all, The Boss. You up for the challenge, Hen?


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