And Then She Crossed Over to the Old Side

Classes have started on our campus and I find myself overwhelmed with the urge to tell the young women strutting around in tube tops and hot pants to go home and put on some clothes. Nice, Old Lady DeFazio. Don’t forget to pick up some Geritol on the way home from work.

In reality I’m probably just bitter that when I was at an age where one could pull off this particular look I was far too self-conscious to even entertain the idea. Now that ship has sailed and I’m annoyed that I somehow wasted my teens and early twenties wearing five layers of clothing and hiking boots. Comfortable? Sure. Cute? No, not even a little bit.

The whole Catholic-school-dress-code and college-in-Tacoma (land of polar fleece and Gortex) had an impact on my fashion choices. Still, I wish Present Me could go back in time and tell Past Me not to be such an uptight bitch.


4 thoughts on “And Then She Crossed Over to the Old Side

  1. I live in Vermont and walk past the UVM campus to and from work everyday. I’ve been going through the exact same thing! I keep thinking, “At least once it gets colder they’ll have more clothes on!”

  2. “That ship has sailed”

    Please Defazio… you could totally rock a tube top and send those girls in to fits of jealous rage and go crying to their mommas. But you won’t, because you have embraced that womanly trait that they lack: CLASS!

  3. That’s the thing: not only is my confidence not out-of-whack, but I’m actually in better shape now. BUT I cannot bring myself to do it. My mom always says, “It’s a fine line between slutty and sexy. You don’t want to cross it.” And she knows her stuff.

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