Bigfoot and Relaxation

This weekend means more DeFazio Family Fun Time. Dad, Judy, Bubba and I are headed to Uncle Tim and Aunt Jeanette’s cabin in Willow Creek. I haven’t been up there in years and am greatly looking forward to some time with the family. The fact that there’s a pool doesn’t hurt either. And cocktail hour! Oh, cocktail hour. Nothing warms my heart like having my uncle bring me a margarita on the deck.

I cannot express how excited I am for a weekend like this. Wearing my hair in pigtails, never changing out of my swimsuit and playing with the munchkin…pretty muc like when I was six. If I’m feeling ambitious I might read a little and do some writing of my own, but frankly that sounds too hardcore for me.

I did some research on Willow Creek and apparently it’s the Bigfoot capital of the world. How did I not know this before? Wait, there’s more! There’s an annual festival in honor of Bigfoot, and it starts this weekend. How awesome did my weekend just get?

Enjoy, Interweb!


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