Personal Attacks and Politics

Sarah Palin’s 17 year-old daughter is knocked up. Apparently I’m supposed to be really upset by this, but I couldn’t care less. She’s not my kid and it has zero impact on how I vote or my world view in general.

I’m furious with the media outlets who compare Palin to Tina Fey. Yes, they are both women who wear glasses. But Tina Fey is lovely and pure and I will not stand to have her compared to a Republican who has clearly done a great job of teaching her daughter the importance of abstinence. How’s that working out, Alaska?

Hi, I name my kids shit like “Bristol” and “Trig.”

Hi, I am fabulous and funny and love the Earth.

See the difference, America? Now stop it with the unfair attacks on Tina. Comparing her to a self-proclaimed “hockey mom.” Please.


6 thoughts on “Personal Attacks and Politics

  1. Forgot to add to previous comment:

    When asked if he had been born during basketball season, they said they’d have named him Hoop instead.

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