9021-Oh My God It’s Back

While I was a fairly devoted Beverly Hills 90210 viewer the first time around, I didn’t have much interest in the new version. Pretty rich kids with problems? I’ll pass. But an East Coast source gave me the heads up that this was some juicy stuff so I figured I’d check it out.

Guess who is completely hooked? Oral sex! Cheating! Drugs! Unplanned pregnancies! Does it get any better? No, it does not. Go ahead and mock my infatuation with this show. I probably deserve it. And no one’s more shocked than I am that I am interested enough to tune in next week. I think this will replace my Gilmore Girls Tuesday night guilty pleasure.

This show has inspired me to start dressing cuter (judging by Coffee Guy’s reaction today’s effort was a good one), do something with my hair and update the make-up routine. It’s important to have goals.


3 thoughts on “9021-Oh My God It’s Back

  1. It is on my DVR and will be watched tonight. Glad to hear it is addictive. I had the same concerns of lameness as you did.

    On a different note, yay coffee guy!

  2. I need to pretend it’s 2004 and get with this DVR/TiVO action. Looks like this show is going to compete with NCIS and I cannot give up Mark Harmon.

    We love Coffee Guy even though he was probably too young to watch the original 90210.

  3. It will change the way you watch TV. If I could find a solar-powered one, DVR would be one of three my deserted island items.

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