Can a Cowbell Cure This?

Continuing the theme of Talking About Stuff That Bores My Male Readers…Guess who has been gripped by a serious case of baby fever? I really have no idea where this came from or what’s going on. I don’t want to have my own child at the moment, but if someone walked in here right now and asked me to hold a baby, I would do it no questions asked. And I would smell that kid’s head and rock him or her and probably nibble on some baby toes.
What is happening? Is this part of being 30 and childless, like my body is trying to tell me to get crack-a-lackin’ on the baby making? Doesn’t my body know I am in not in a place to be doing that? I’m thinking about grad school and where I want to live and oh my God…what the hell?
I have always liked children and babies, but usually ones that belong to someone I know. Lately I find myself fighting the urge to stare at random babies in public and walk by them with the hopes of catching some of that baby smell. Have you smelled a baby’s head? It rivals cookies baking in the “things that smell amazing” department.
As I’m dealing with this, Lili sends me pictures from their family trip to Tahoe. I feel dizzy…tiny hands and toes and a smiley baby… Juno got to meet her Uncle Russell on this trip. Thanks for taking such great pictures of the Junebug, Pusser!

I love these happy girls.

You’re smelling her head, aren’t you? Aren’t you?!

Auntie Molly came in for a visit! We love Molls – we bonded as bridesmaids in Lili’s wedding and she stayed with me when she interviewed at UCSF. If this baby thing ever does pan out for me, she is totally delivering that kid.

I may book a flight to San Diego just so I can eat her toes.


4 thoughts on “Can a Cowbell Cure This?

  1. She is adorable. I have baby fever all the way. Although first it would help if I had a husband, or just something with sperm involved. . .

  2. careful there, ckd! mammals have evolved ‘cuteness’ as a defense mechanism.

    you see…. much like chocolate chip cookies, baby humans come out of the oven ‘not quite done yet’. unlike chocolate chip cookies, *most* things about baby humans are unpleasant and energy-draining.

    the fact that baby humans exude opiates through their scalp, and have toes more alluring than chocolate chips balances out the *other* smells they often exude, and the fact that they’ll keep you from sleeping through the night for at least 3 years (and possibly as many as 21).

    so, by all means! just as you would stop and drool over a fresh batch of cookies, drool over every baby you see! and then walk away smiling, knowing that you won’t be cleaning any toxic waste diapers, or getting up every 1.35 hours of the night šŸ™‚

  3. Don’t worry…my “fever” is really about just wanting to hold the baby and smell its head – I don’t actually want one in my house or distracting me from 90210. It has faded a bit, aided by the recent memory of Evan yakking all over me. Nothing says “reality check” like vomit.

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