Baby Mama, Hold the Drama

By some weird twist of fate, Baby Mama showed up today courtesy of Netflix. As much as I adore the work of Tina Fey I thought it looked stupid and wasn’t enthused. The commercials always showed Amy Poehler peeing in the sink and if that’s a highlight, I wanted none of it.
It’s surprisingly funny and original and kind of sweet. And completely timely for this girl given my recent state of mind. There’s even a scene where Tina’s character, Kate, leans in to smell a baby in an elevator. I feel you, Sister.
Plus, Steve Martin plays a total jackass so that right there is pretty fantastic.

Here’s your Tina picture for this week.

Amy Poehler is married to Will Arnett from Arrested Development so while I don’t love her the way I love Tina, I really want to be friends with her.


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