For some reason I am really tired today, but there’s stuff I want to share. So you get a post in list form. How exciting for you! Hey, there’s no mention of my womb so enjoy the reprieve from my crazy.

Things that have recently brought me happiness:

My new business cards. Recognize!

Talking to Evan on the phone about how great cupcakes are. Glad he gets it. Also, I think I convinced him to have a “Fireman” birthday party when he turns three.

Being compared to a hurricane and asked what type of beer and hard alcohol need to be on hand when I’m around.

Reconnecting with people from the past and realizing you have more in common than you ever thought. How fun is that?

Coffee Guy calling me “Sunshine” and waving when I walk in the door.

Watching the sunrise during my morning run.

Hearing ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me” at 7:20 am.

Things that are bumming me out:

Evan may start pre-school soon? No, he’s still a baby. NO.

The Executive Planner 2009 ordered for me. I am neither an executive nor a planner. Something about a faux-leather planner embossed with my name screams “frumpy” and I don’t care for it.

My new business cards do not have the words “biatch,” “homegirl,” or “mama” on them. Unacceptable.

Seriously, how hard is it to find black knee-high boots? Very, apparently.

I’m glad the first list is shorter than the second. No idea why I feel the need to even mention stuff that bums me out…balance? Not wanting to jinx the good?

Fun fact: today is Joe Perry’s birthday. He is almost exactly three years older than my Dad.

OK, Mama’s sleepy. You kids have a nice day.


2 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. From my one year’s experience working on the headquarters staff in Baghdad, I’ve found that there are three levels of Bitches: 1) The simple bitch (as in bitch boy or gal – a doer of stuff); 2) The middle management Beyotch (tells bitches what to do); and the senior Bizzatch (who holds sway over several Beyotches).

    Knowing you as I do, you’ll be a senior Bizzatch soon! Take it, girl!

  2. I’m hovering in Beyotch territory, and that’s OK. I always feel lazy and annoying when I ask the secretaries or student assistants to do something for me (like make file folders), even though they have no issue with it.

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