They Grow So Fast

Tomorrow my parents are taking Evan to enroll in pre-school. He may start as soon as next week. Mixed emotions all-around from the adults in this scenario. Evan may be ready for this new adventure but I’m not sure we are.

Evan, January 16, 2006. This is how I will forever think of that kid.
Our telephone conversation tonight:

Me: “Hey Bubba.”

Evan: “HI SISSY. I’m wearing jammers.”

Me: “Nice! Getting ready for bed?”

Evan: “Almost. I’m saying hi to you now. Will you come see my school?”

Me: “Of course I will. I would love to see your school. Talking to you makes my whole day, Baby.”

Evan: “You make my day happy, too. Goodnight. I hang up now.”


Clearly, he is my favorite person ever.


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