Grocery Shopping Made Fun

Conversations with Dave in and around Trader Joe’s today:

While in line to check out, referencing a woman in another line:

Dave: “Her face bugs me. Why is that?”
Me: “She has ‘bitch face.’ You can just tell she’s a bitch. Kind of like guys with ‘date rape’ face.”
Dave: “You’re right. It’s total ‘bitch face.’ That, and ‘skank face.’ I don’t like her.”

While looking at some dry skin on his arm:

Dave: “Look at this. Is this cancer?”
Me: “Hey, remember how I’m not an oncologist?”
Dave: “Oh, yeah. Maybe it’s just my bug bite healing.”



3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Made Fun

  1. We were just talking about you at dinner the other night! The subject of fried pickles came up and how disgusting and yet delicious they are. And who do we have to thank for introducing us to that? You.

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