Brilliance and Good News Abounds

When I think about my friends and family I get so excited at the number of bright, funny, witty, energetic, supportive people in my life. Sometimes I wonder why they’re slumming by hanging out with me, but mostly I’m grateful and go with it. If you’ll excuse the bragging, I have some shout-outs to deliver. Let’s do this!

1.) Congratulations, Elisabeth Gould, M.S., L.Ac (that’s Master of Science, Licensed Acupuncturist) on passing your boards. Now start poking people with needles and prescribing herbs and such.

2.) Long-distance dedication to Roadtripper8, who moved into a swanky new pad and started her job this week. Show ’em how it’s done, Lady!

3.) Evan has been accepted into pre-school and will start Friday. One of the teachers thinks he will be bumped up into an older age group since he is a genius*. My dad’s comment? “I feel sorry for the other parents. Their kids aren’t as cute or as smart as he is.” No joke. Evan is going to wipe the floor with these other clowns.

In exciting job-related news, we received approval to move forward with two more solar projects. I helped gather the supporting data and organize it so my boss could sell it to our Board. Yay sustainability! Steve Holt!

*Maybe she didn’t use the word “genius” but come on. That kid is all kinds of smarty-smart.


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