Shock and Awwww Yeah

Me: “…and she’s all freaked out because a week earlier we were partying it up and dancing in a cage and she had no idea.”

Him: “Hold up. You were what?”

Me: “Well, you know, drinking and we went out dancing.”

Him: “No, back up. You were dancing in a cage?”

Me: “What, I was, like, 22. It wasn’t my job or anything.”

Him: “Are there pictures of this?”

Me: “I don’t think so. But you’re talking to the girl who woke up on top of the covers in her underwear with a bruise on her forehead from hitting it on the toilet. So, there totally could be. I have no idea.”

Him: “I’m going to Google your name and cage dancing.”

Me: “Go for it. And let me know if you find pictures of me and another girl in an elevator in Vegas this year.”

Him: *Stares in silence without blinking*

Me: “OK, I can explain that one – “

Him: “Don’t. I want to be surprised.”


8 thoughts on “Shock and Awwww Yeah

  1. …and this is why I love you! Thanks for the morning giggles on this gray Midwest Monday!

    P.S. Three words: Big Dipper Reenactment. I think there might have been a sombrero, too.

  2. If I ever happen to sit next to some Hollywood producer on some plane somewhere, I am going to tell him he has to make a movie about your life! I think you already have the actress picked out to play you anyway!
    Funny stuff C!

  3. Mo: Cusack…I can see it. You have the quiet thing going on.

    Circlestar: We know that you will play David Lee Roth in the movie of his life.

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