Evan’s First Day of School

My Sweet Boy,

Today Mama, Dada and I took you to your first day of school. Yes, it’s only pre-school but… wow. What just happened? Wasn’t I worried about supporting your head while holding you about five seconds ago? Didn’t you just start crawling? You are growing so fast and I couldn’t be prouder of the person you are becoming. You like to help and comfort people. This, more than any other quality, defines you. I credit Mama with this one. Your sense of humor and love of making people laugh is sheer Dada. The way you repeat a joke until it gets really old? Yeah, that might be from me.

Looking at you in those first few days, we had no idea what you would be like at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years…and at each step you smile more, hug more, make us laugh more. How is this possible? How can such a little guy (you tell me you’re a big boy but I don’t think so) be filled with such joy and be so willing to share it? At this rate you’ll shoot rainbows out of your butt by the time you start kindergarten. This family – this world, really – is better because of you. You were more than worth the wait.

While you are a joy, you are also a toddler – and every once in awhile you are a rotten one. It takes us all by surprise when you lose it and freak out because you are so even-keeled most of the time. But it also reminds us that you are a real person with feelings and frustrations; you’re figuring out how to express yourself, and I am trying to respect that. (Frankly, I envy the freedom you have to pitch a fit in Target, because if I pulled that shit? Yeah, there would be a rent-a-cop all up in Sissy’s grill.) Lucky for us you are easily calmed; it’s almost like you need a reminder that we have your back and will help you find a solution to the problem. And you know what? We totally will.

I cannot wait to pick you up today and hear about your new adventure. I know you had fun because you are a DeFazio and we bring our own party wherever we go. Hopefully you learned a little something, too.

Love you always,


2 thoughts on “Evan’s First Day of School

  1. I remember holding that little guy, and the joy I got when I realized “Hey, I’m not the youngest cousin anymore” I can’t believe how old he’s getting. I suppose I feel at 22 i hit that point where I stopped getting older.

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