Happy Birthday Kirsti aka "Pour Some Sugar on Me"*

The final member of LLD/Lovely Ladies of Regester/Esteemed Women of the Tower is 30 today. Kirsti and I met freshman year at the Puge; she lived in the room next door with Clare, but was in a separate orientation group. It took us a little bit longer to get to know each other, but a friendship was quickly cemented. Our morning classes were around the same time so we got ready in the communal bathroom (ugh) and ate breakfast (yay) every morning. Nothing bonds me to another person like talking hair products and eating. You’re stuck with me, Animal!

Kirsti has the most enviable, gorgeous, natural red hair and perfect curls. And the most fiery, crazy, passionate personality to match that red hair!

Kirsti was a total wild child, making us quite the odd couple. I always admired her ability to live in the moment and credit (blame?) her for helping me come out of my shell and take a few risks here and there.

Kirsti is like a one-woman laugh track. Feeling down or lame? Go tell her a mildly amusing story and bask in the glow of her bubbly laugh. It’s better than meds, people.

Kirsti is always quick with a hug and words of support in times of crisis. She is also quick to offer up a sound beating, which cracks me up because…

Kirsti is a nurse. She, like many of us, went through a few different majors and career interests before settling into this decision. Clearly it was the right path for her because she loves what she does and I know she brings her natural compassion to work with her each day.

Kirsti is married to Reed and they have a little redheaded cutie pie, Skylar, who is just as feisty as her Mama. Kirsti is also an excellent stepmom to two teenagers, and takes great care to make sure that her blended family is a happy, healthy one.

Kirsti, it seems like yesterday we were celebrating your 18th birthday and now you’re a mom and a nurse and living back in Tacoma. The first two are fine, but seriously, get that cute family down here!

*This song always reminds me of driving around in Kirsti’s Toyota and I heard it today on the way to work. It’s a sign: today is an awesome day!


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