Around Town

Overheard in front of the Chico Library:

Girl #1: I don’t like skinny jeans.
Girl #2: Really? I do.
Girl #1: Well, I only like them on me. Like, not on a guy or something.
Girl #2: Totallyyyyyy.

Cell phone conversation between young man (maybe 18) and unknown party:

Young Man: Dude, I can’t. Me and Grandma, we’ve gotta go to our hair appointments. (Pause while Unknown Party responds, presumably.) Yeah, we gotta get our hair done and shit. I do it every two weeks on the dot, Man.

Observed on campus while Shaggy-from-Scooby-Doo doppelganger tries to woo a young lady:

Yo! Peace! Love! Recycling!


3 thoughts on “Around Town

  1. Sometimes I crack up laughing out loud and then feel bad because clearly I’m not “supposed” to hear other people’s conversations. But I don’t feel *too* bad.

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