At the Risk of Alienating a Ton of People

I just finished watching the vice-presidential nominee debate. Aside from snide remarks I have shied away from political issues in this forum, but I have to say something.

I’m concerned that Palin says she and McCain will fight for the families just like hers. What about the families NOT like hers? Do the families with a single parent, or two moms or two dads just have to wait another four years for the chance to be cared about and represented? This is what scares me: another administration capable of ignoring the reality of what America looks like.

And as far as this whole “Aw shucks, Todd and I are just middle class folks” business? Stop it, Sarah Palin. No, you’re not. And please learn how to pronounce “Taliban” and stop winking into the camera if you want me to take you seriously. This is a big kid debate, not the interview portion of the Miss Alaska Pageant.

Can someone please clear something up for me? For months I’ve been hearing about how John McCain brings so much experience and insider knowledge of the system and that Barack Obama is a nice guy, but wholly unqualified to run a country. But all I heard from Palin was how Obama will just keep on truckin’ and McCain will bring all kinds of reform – he’s a maverick, darn it – to the corrupt government. What?

On another note, I had a nice chat with my youngest cousin on my dad’s side. Even though I have nothing to do with how cool he turned out, I am so proud of how informed he is and the fact that he has opinions and is willing to share them. You’re a good kid, B.

Miss the debate? Here’s the Cliff Notes version, courtesy of Roadtripper: I Am Actually Ashamed To Have Ovaries Right Now It’s much funnier and pretty much echoed what I would have written had I been able to live blog. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “At the Risk of Alienating a Ton of People

  1. Hey man, your poll isnt working. I voted for the strapless green number and its not registering. Where am I voting, in Florida?

  2. “Wait so it is cool if I call you Joe right?” Oh classic!

    Also full debate on youtube here:

    for anyone who missed it.

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