"E" is for "Evan" (and "Exceeding Expectations")

Guess who is already being bumped up to a new preschool class after just two weeks? Yeah. We don’t get it either. I mean, I wasn’t a slouch academically, but DAMN. This kid is smart. And also kind of a smart ass, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Apparently Little Man was peeved that the letter of the week was “Q” once again. “Q” is SO two weeks ago. Obviously he’s ready for something new, people. Oh, and I did I mention he’s starting to spell words? Correctly? And he’s not even three years-old? Allow me to mention that all now. The teachers have approached Dada and Mama about moving him up to a new class for the academic lessons, but letting him hang out with the kids in his age group for playtime, which seems like a good plan.

Must be a relief to have the teacher come to them with good news. I was worried Evan would start repeating some of the choice phrases I may have let slip around him during the last few visits and land himself in trouble. Who taught the baby “gettin’ some tail?” What? Not me, that’s for sure.


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