So Much for Freedom of Speech

The Obama/Biden sign was stolen off of our front lawn. Dave is headed downtown to get another one, plus another holder so we can also put up my pro-gay marriage sign. I am sickened by the fact that someone in our neighborhood would do this. Everyone’s entitled to his or her own political beliefs, and our sign was clearly on OUR property. Do these people think they are going to scare us out of voting as we see fit? Hell no.

I have seen a few McCain/Palin signs around town and they make me smile because they will be on a lawn next to a house with an Obama/Biden sign. How cool is that? We get to voice our opinions and have a different view from our neighbors and that is a right protected by the law. Much as I am not a huge fan of the GOP, I would NEVER condone the destruction of a sign from another party or candidate. What does that accomplish?

UPDATE: Dave told the kind people down at the Democratic Party HQ here in Chico about our sign being stolen and they offered to replace it for free. He insisted on paying for the replacement, plus another one. Apparently this was some sort of orchestrated move by a bunch of Nazis or something because a ton of people have come in to get replacements today. Way to go, good Christian folks. I’m sure Jesus is super proud.


5 thoughts on “So Much for Freedom of Speech

  1. Damn conservatives…although i did see a few McCain Palin signs in my hood…and i have thought about destroying them. But I love the 1st Amendment!

  2. DON’T STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL!!! It just perpetuates a cycle of trying to silence each other rather than express opposing views in a constructive and respectful manner.

  3. I have been lucky enough to see McCain signs next to houses with Obama signs and no one has taken any of them down. Which is kind of surprising since I live in hicksville TN…

  4. Butte County is pretty conservative overall. At first we figured it was just neighborhood kids stealing a sign for the hell of it (our neighbor’s house is regularly TP’d and they have 2 teenagers), but when we found out that signs all over town had been stolen I got REALLY mad. Not to mention the sign was two feet away from my bedroom window.

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