For Your Consideration

Another entry sent via email. Bad Wolf sent this one to me while recovering from the flu. Talk about dedication to the cause! We haven’t met in person yet, but know each other through Roadtripper (they share “My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma”) and I hope we can meet face-to-face for some hard cider one day soon.


I have always been told that when it comes to dating I am too picky. That I look for things that are wrong and then use that one little thing as proof that the “relationship” is doomed. So when an old friend of a friend, S, turned up again online and seemed like a good catch I thought what the hell. And I ignored that little inner voice. S seemed like the perfect guy for me: good looking, good fashion sense, same great taste in music…

We went on a few dates, maybe three, and I really tried but there was nothing there. No chemistry, nada. S mentions the fact that he wants to come down to visit. Okay, I think this will be the test, I will give it one more shot. So he comes. Long story shorter, the chemistry still wasn’t there, AT ALL. So even though he is visiting me, I decide to break up with him (I’m a real bastard aren’t I?). In the middle of the break up he confides in me that he is still a virgin… and that I am the love of his life. Yep you read that right. I thought I was a late bloomer by waiting till I was 20 but damn! Not that this information changed my mind. I have always maintained that I am no teacher. And that goes in the bedroom too.

I did learn one thing though: always listen to that little voice in the back of your head.


8 thoughts on “For Your Consideration


    oh mi frikkin goodness.

    so in the movie that is running in my head to go along with the story, there’s this really pregnant (pun intended) pause, after which BadWolf responds “OK, c’mon. let’s go”, and drags poor S into the back room to show him how it’s done.

    But given that he was in love and all, that probably would have just totally mentally broke him and turned him into a sick sad stalker boy for like six months.

    so sad… and funny 🙂

    i hope BadWolf at least appreciated the awesome power that they were wielding in that moment? there are actually some men who are that fragile (*ahem* Duckie)…

  2. Yeah, the potential for a scary/sad stalker can really put a damper on plans to hump and dump. Gotta be careful out there, Kids!

  3. actually he did kind of become somewhat stalkerish anyway. all of this happened over a year ago and he still gets pissed at guys if they even talk to me. needless to say he is no longer allowed to talk to me.

  4. Oh, my. Reading Roadtripper’s and Bad Wolf’s stories make me wish I had better dating stories. Nice job, ladies.

  5. You don’t know me – I actually bumped into Roadtrippers blog b/c I may have to move to NC for work, and then followed the link to your blog.

    I didn’t want to make a public comment about this, but I can’t really figure out how to email you. It is pretty clear if you read back far enough in the respective blogs that Roadtripper was sleeping with your ex-boyfriend and it sounds like she told you about it (leading to the demise of the relationship … or maybe she told you that there was yet another “skank” in the picture, too). So why aren’t you, figuratively at least, gouging her eyes out? You had the good sense to unceremoniously dump the fellow who cheated on you and restart your life (kudos, btw, too many women would try longer to no avail — once a cheater, always a cheater is my view), but you’re buddies with Roadtripper?

    I know — mind my own cyberspace business. But blogs and little blog mysteries like this can be a bit addictive.

  6. Well, hello there Mike… oh, excuse me “Anonymous”. Guess you decided to take a break from chasing tail to terrorize us again. It is sad enough that you are an emotionally retarded 40 year old man who lives in your parents’ basement but you, sir, really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now by scuffling around our blogs anonymously. Please go fall off of a cliff.

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