Hey, I’m Hammered

Hi Kids!

Mama’s on vacation…and she may never come back. Boy Chris has been AMAZING. I showed up early and his ass was at baggage claim, ready to deal with me and my crazy self. He may mix Jack and Coke Zero, but he is the BEST person you will ever know! Lieutenant Kendrick (aka Lieutenant Kendrick) met up with us for beers and lunch. A sample of our chats:

Boy Chris: 90% of women are CRAZY. 10% are STABBIN’ CRAZY.
Girl Chris: And you know I’m in that 10%!
Boy Chris: Fuck yeah! Shivved in the kitchen…
Girl Chris: That would be an awesome band name: SHIVVED IN THE KITCHEN!
Lt Kendrick: *Drops part of his burger* *Almost chokes from LAUGHING and SHEER AWESOMENESS OF MY MIND
Bartender: *Cracks up laughing*

Boy Chris: Cheers to 11 years of THIS
Girl Chris: Try 12, Bitch!
Boy Chris: Damn. You got OLD!

Who loves day drinking? I DO!!!!


3 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Hammered

  1. I’m so jealous you’re drinking during the day. I sure could use some hard alcohol while grading these essays . . .

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