At the Bar

Choice quotes from last night. We took it pretty easy, and so I can actually remember conversations. How fortunate for you, Interweb! Enjoy.

Conte: “Dude, you’re a firecrotch!”
Pollie: “Not everyone likes the word ‘crotch’ you know.”
Conte: “Sorry, FireBUSH.”

Kendrick: “Girl Chris is not just stabbin’ crazy but stab-and-TWIST crazy!”

Kendrick: “So, you’ve been partying it up here.”
Me: “Yeah, I tackled Wong when he walked in the door.”
Wong: “I cut my lip. You got your shoulder under my chin and I could taste blood.”
Kendrick: “That’s how you know Girl Chris is in town. You’re bleeding from the mouth.”

Conte, after running up to everyone in our group and hitting them on the ass with his shoe: “O’DOYLE RULES! O’DOYLE RULES!”


2 thoughts on “At the Bar

  1. MC Phresh Rico! I miss partying with you! I was just telling someone the story of switching tops with your attractive wife in a bar. Good times.

    You’ll have to come down to LA to party like this because this crew is SoCal-based. They are amazing people.

    I’ll try not to make you bleed from the mouth when I tackle you.

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