Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

I’m home after 5 glorious days in Pasadena. I feel oddly homesick for a place where I don’t actually live. It’s more than post-vacation blues. Sometimes being around the ones we miss makes us miss them even more once we have to leave.

There have been jokes made about staying or moving down there and after thinking about it, it doesn’t seem like such a crazy plan. I’ve been doing a little mental pro/con list (big shocker since I am a compulsive list maker) and here’s what we have so far:

-Only an hour flight from both sets of parents
-Great friends
-Lovely weather
-Viable job market
-Extended family in the area
-Did I mention the friends? They are pretty rad.

-Advanced planning required for visits to the fam
-Wouldn’t see Evan as much
-Have amazing friends in Chico and SF
-Am I really a So Cal type of gal?

There’s no rush to make this decision, and obviously other factors will come into play (ie finding a job and place to live) once I’m ready to make the leap. Mostly I think I’m excited that I have these options and there’s nothing holding me back. Ah, possibilities…


6 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

  1. Dude, the “more than just post-vacation blues” is exactly what I feel every time I come home from New York. It sucks. Part of me just says, “Fuck it. I’m moving.” But then the other part says, “Shit. I love Northern CA.” What a freakin’ dilemma. I hear ya, Sista.

  2. as much as i would love to have you back in SF (how come *we* never went out an partied like rock stars? you holdin’ out on me girl?) … and believe me, it would be great to have you back in SF…

    your Pasadena peeps sure do seem to get you excited! maybe it’s worth giving that a spin for a year or so…

  3. Alex – I think I try to hold it together around you guys, but I’ve had my moments. Were you there by the end of Eileen’s bachelorette party? The fact that I cannot remember should be an indication of how out of control I was then.

    When we have a welcome back fiesta for Rico I’ll bring my A game, OK? 🙂

  4. I know I only met you this weekend, but I say go for it! I have no family whatsoever down here. Only friends…and they are a good group of friends. They are family I chose, if you will. I don’t consider myself a “SoCal” gal either, thus I rarely travel to the west side or Hollywood. But it still works out. I love it here – 4 years and counting…

  5. No, No NO… I have not seen you in awhile…a long while…Nor have I actually spoken to you in a long while BUT, one thing I know is this – you are NOT a SO CAL girl. Just my two pesos.
    Glad you had a great trip.

  6. CKD You ARE NOT A SO CAL GIRL!!! Remember i lived in LA for several years and i go back fairly often. i am no longer a SO CAL girl, and honey you would hate a vast majority of people down there. i love LA and i love my LA friends but i would never move back there. i would how ever move to SF!

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