Conte and Pollie Get Married!

Saturday night in Pasadena? Of course I crashed a wedding! Did you expect anything else?

OK, full disclosure: I was invited to crash. I met Conte at Boy Chris’ bachelor party and knew he was a kindred spirit (read: total drunk, just like me). I had the pleasure of meeting his gorgeous bride Pollie when Boy and Katie were married, and they were gracious enough to invite me for the booze-and-boogie portion of their wedding. Congratulations! (In case it isn’t glaringly obvious, I went for the brown halter dress – thanks for your votes!)

How cute are my friends? So freaking cute!
Haaaave you met Cappa? You really should.
Beautiful Bride Pollie flanked by Cappa and Girl Chris.

Sorry, Ladies, he’s taken. I’m convinced Conte and I are related.

Hotties at the party: Kristie, Cappa, and Nikki.

If this man ever asks you to give the bartender a thumbs up – don’t! Boy Chris and Katie looking adorable as usual. Thanks for letting me stay with you!

Kendrick and Wong keep the “thumbs up” action going.

My new friend Jen (rocking my extra pashmina) and Cappa keep it classy.

Oh, I’ve got your Double-Double right here.

What happens when a car full of drunks stops at In-n-Out at 1am? Milkshake down! Thank God Cappa captured this on film INSTEAD OF HELPING US WIPE IT UP.


5 thoughts on “Conte and Pollie Get Married!

  1. We were all wind-blown, but I think it gave the hair a little extra somethin’.

    Those are Kristie’s cute toes! Poor thing took the brunt of the milkshake incident. Too funny.

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