Since I Can’t Buy the World a Coke…

I’ll send a round of shout-outs to some pretty fabulous MVP’s in my life. Obviously, each of you is fantastic, but we have some standouts.

Boy Chris and Katie (and by extension, the whole Pasadena crew): I am still in awe of their hospitality and general fabulousness. These two are amazing hosts (not to mention great cooks) and should open a bed and breakfast or something. You guys all rock and the pleas to move down have made me feel real special-like.

Elisabeth: As usual, my girl continues to be hilarious and down-to-earth. When I mentioned that I would be happy to go to her usual mommy group events when I visit her, she replied, “No, it’ll be good to talk about something other than a baby carrier or if my kid is crawling. I need to talk to someone about normal stuff.” Also, she has already told Daddy Nick that he will be watching Miss Juno while Mommy and Auntie get their drink on. Her acupuncture practice is getting off the ground and she and Nick are raising the most smiley, lovely baby girl. (And here I get all excited about my multi-tasking skills when I manage to apply eye shadow while talking on the phone.)

Enrique: aka Mc Phresh Rico…or just Rico. Guess who is home from Iraq? Booya! A dear friend of mine is a Navy reservist and has spent the last year away from his attractive wife and their darling son. Read all about his adventures in country here if you haven’t checked it out. Well-written and an interesting perspective on the life of a soldier. I am so happy he is home and safe, and greatly admire they way he and his wife continued to work as a team during their time apart. Also, Rico can quote Sixteen Candles backwards and forwards so he’s just generally a rad guy.

Mom: How many moms take their kid out for a good hangover lunch? Not many, but mine sure stepped up. As good as the food sounded, my poor system could only handle a Coke and some salad, but I appreciated her offer of ribs and cornbread. Then we went and bought a lamp for her and a cocktail dress for me. Of course. Mom, you’re aces.


3 thoughts on “Since I Can’t Buy the World a Coke…

  1. Wow! I rate an MVP? This means a lot from such a talented girl as yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with your life on your blog while deployed to Iraq. It was a reassuring slice of home and hearth. Thanks! But, uh, don’t let it out I’m so sensitive; it would totally devastate my reputation as a dude.

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