All Philosophical and Stuff

This weekend was pretty mellow until Katie rolled back into town. Pedicures on a Sunday afternoon? Yes! Very relaxing and wholesome and oh no…there’s a liquor store next to the nail place.

A mimosa (mixed in the car with screw-top champagne in a Pepsi cup) and pretty toenails later, we are rolling our eyes at the loud, high-maintenance crew that come in after us. “Ooooh! The water is TOO HOT. That red is TOO RED.” Oh, shut up before I punch you in the face. Yes, I feel girly and sassy after being pampered but I WILL THROW DOWN, BITCH, IF YOU DON’T WIPE THAT FACE OFF YOUR HEAD.

We needed to offset the estrogen fest with some boozing and sporting…and fried food of course. Pretty much my perfect day until I bit into a fried mozarella stick and almost burnt off half my face when grease squirted out. Then, I totally blew Katie’s mind at the End Zone by pointing out that we were watching TWO Tampa Bay teams play simultaneously. And I convinced her to have a kid in a few years. You’re welcome, Alan.


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