Really! Seriously!

Sorry about the negative “WTF?” type post below. I don’t know where I get off thinking people want my opinion on things. Oh wait – I HAVE A BLOG and therefore think everyone wants to know everything I’m thinking. All the time. Like right now? I wish I had more Red Vines.

Anyway, to offset my negativity I’d like to take a moment to be all fairies and sunshine about the world.

We had a Campus Sustainability Day, which I know sounds like Hippies from Granola Mountain Earth Pals* but was actually a really interesting event here. I was impressed because Grandma CKD is always convinced that these darn kids today don’t care about the Earth or the future. They’re too busy listening to that 50 Cent character and playing with their hula hoops. Wrong.

The tables included information on everything from reducing waste on campus and at home to degree and certificate programs in environmental and sustainable fields. I spent much of my day fielding questions about our use of solar power, current construction and LEED certification, and what our campus is doing to ensure that the growth is respecting the wildlife refuge. Wait, did you know our campus is a wildlife refuge? Now you do!

I was impressed by how interested and excited the students were about the improvements being made to their campus. And thank God for Brian and Chris, who answered the more technical questions and kept me from looking like an idiot. Green Team!**

*Get that reference? Why aren’t we having babies together?
**Get that one? Why aren’t we having beers together?


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