Really? Seriously?

Yes, I’m stealing stuff from Roadtripper again. Back down, I’m still looking for a place for Juno to sleep and contemplating buying a stroller. Someone needs to stop me.

As someone with many intelligent, educated, well-informed and all-around awesome male friends and relatives (Hi Guys!), I am offended. The men interviewed here are a pretty sad representation of their gender. It’s like a bad beer commercial where a bunch of shlumpy, horny suburban dads are distracted by the Hot Girl. Because men are that simple and dumb.

This article freaks me out on so many levels, but I’ll try to articulate this as well as I can.

1.) “Proud to be voting for the hot chick.” Sarah Palin is a pretty woman, I’m not questioning that for one moment. We’re all human and crushes will be had on various public figures. (Ultra-nerdy aside: I once volunteered at a PBS pledge drive and developed a massive crush on one of the show’s hosts. I mean, he’s all into public television! How adorable is that?) But to vote for her based solely on her looks? Wow, way to concern yourself with the issues. I mean, world peace has spontaneously broken out, the economy is fabulous and our education system is the envy of the free world. Oh wait.

2.) “Who can’t trust a mother?” The world is full of mothers who aren’t wholesome, nurturing, kindly or whatever qualities these men are associating with motherhood. And isn’t Hillary Clinton a mother? Or does that not count because she only has one kid, while Sarah Palin has cranked out five (over-population be damned!)? (And if you think one kid is “easy” I invite you to ask my mom how easy her life has been since January 29, 1978.) Rush Limbaugh will tell you I’m just bitter over my empty womb, but I am appalled that a woman who has kids is somehow MORE capable or trustworthy than a childless one. I’m not saying she is any LESS so, to be clear, but I am not seeing the connection.

3.) “Palin is our kind of woman.” Really? Then invite her out for a beer, don’t put her in charge of the Senate. Personally, I want someone a hell of a lot smarter than I am – and definitely smarter than the men quoted here – running the nation. And you know what guys? I’m pretty sure she’s not REALLY all that into NASCAR, nor does she find your beer gut sexy. She wasn’t actually winking at you.

I’d love to hear from the men out there. Offended by this? Laughing it off? Do you support Palin’s campaign and feel she is qualified? Why or why not?


4 thoughts on “Really? Seriously?

  1. You’ve never lived anywhere but California urban areas and college towns, have you? I mean, lived there long enough to get to know a lot of people?

    These people are exactly who McCain was going after when he picked Palin. He needed to attract the people who think he’s “too liberal.”

    “You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.”
    –Blazing Saddles

  2. And Mark gets a prize for quoting Blazing Saddles! You’re right though, I cannot even relate to these people.

    See? I know the best men EVER.

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