Oh No, She’s Going to Talk About Babies Again

Well, Elisabeth and Juno left after their whirlwind Chico adventure. All I can say is that kid could be used for procreation propaganda or something. Quite possibly the sweetest, smiliest, cutest, chubbiest…sigh…most wonderful baby girl. I adore her and cannot wait to take her to tea and baseball games. Just have to make sure she doesn’t grow up a Padres fan. My God. Can you even imagine?

Aside from Juno’s sheer awesomeness, I was incredibly impressed by her mom’s complete ease with the whole motherhood thing. She’s so calm and relaxed and has a great sense of humor about it all. Not that I had any doubts she would be a fabulous mom, but seeing it in action was pretty nuts. I miss both of them terribly already and can’t wait to see them at their place next week.

My parents, as predicted, pretty much freaked out over both girls. They are huge Elisabeth fans and clearly are smitten with the wee one. My mom isn’t really a baby person but I had to pry Juno out of her hands and she insisted on rocking her in the same chair she used with me back in the day. I seriously need to get on the stick (so to speak) with scoring them a grandkid.

Pictures from our adventure in Chico to come…


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