Gonna Fly Now

So, I’ve fallen off the running wagon. It’s been…God, I don’t know, maybe two weeks since I’ve gone? I’d love to tell you the reason is some sort of injury, or that I am now spending that time mentoring an orphan, but you know me better than that. It’s been cold in the mornings and my flannel sheets are too comfy to pass up. Yes, THAT is the reason: I don’t like being cold. But I also don’t like being fat or out-of-shape so it’s time to make a choice.

My plan is to confess, and get back into my routine. I wish it were as easy as a few Hail Marys or something, but I know I will feel better, sleep better and look better when I get back on track.
Maybe if someone could meet me at the end of the run with a boombox – or a live band! yes! – playing the theme from Rocky these morning jaunts would be much more enjoyable. I would be accountable to someone else, and the guilt of standing up someone holding a boombox (or an entire band) would be too much to bear. So, if you could arrange that, Interweb, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Gonna Fly Now

  1. You download the Rocky Theme to your phone and I will call you every day when its time for you to go jogging. Thats the best I can do!
    Pirate Wench all the way!

  2. I have to own up to the fact that I have “Gonna Fly Now” AND “Eye of the Tiger” on my gym playlist. Cheesy, sure. But motivating when you hit a wall and just want to quit and eat Taco Bell for the rest of the night.

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