On Rocking the Vote and Such

Who has two thumbs and loves Election Day? *Points to Self* THIS GIRL!

I am giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve. Seriously. Still single!

I encourage all of you to establish some sort of fun Election Day tradition with friends or family if you don’t have one already. Ours involves pie. You are welcome to adopt that one as it is fun and delicious. Kind of like Democracy.


4 thoughts on “On Rocking the Vote and Such

  1. I’m pretty darn excited too! Except for the fact that i have to read a complete voters guide tonight! BLAH! Oh well

  2. Apparently we do not share that extreme nerd gene. I love reading up on that stuff! This is your first presidential election, right? So awesome!

  3. Does getting drunk on Blue Hawaiians count? That’s what I plan on doing… well, after scoring my free Starbucks coffee for wearing my “I voted today” sticker.

    I missed early voting Saturday due to way too much fun on Halloween Friday so I am off to brave the lines at the polls very early tomorrow. Not to jinx it but I have a good feeling about the outcome!

  4. Oh yes, Blue Hawaiians count for sure! Our family pie tradition dates back to when I was a kid, so going to the bars wasn’t an option.

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