Stay Classy, San Diego

You know that comforting feeling of being around family and lifelong friends where all pretenses of politeness and such are abandoned, but in a good way? That’s what it’s like for me to be around Lili and her family. We have our own relationship shorthand and can communicate in facial expressions, movie quotes and sound effects. It’s great.

We were pretty lame about photos, but once they get settled in the new place Lili will send some my way and I will share with you, Interweb. You’re welcome.

In the meantime, a quick rundown of my trip:

-Minutes after my arrival before someone who shall remain me uttered the phrase “cock block”: Two, maybe three.

-Minutes after my arrival before someone who shall remain Lili said the word “mount,” then paused, looked at me and said, “Huh huh, I said ‘mount'” before finishing her sentence: Three, maybe four.

-Times I decided to show my appreciation for something by declaring my desire to hump it: Oh Jesus, a bunch. But it was for stuff like a carne asada taco and their kick-ass clawfoot bathtub so it was totally justified. Sure, judge me. But you didn’t eat those tacos, nor did you see the tub.

-Times I had to resist the urge to eat Juno’s fingers: Lost count at 87,000.

-Weeks until I see these lovely peeps again: Six-ish.

Oh, and if a guy dressed as a cowboy offers you a swig from his flask, maybe get more details on what is in it BEFORE accepting his gracious offer. Luckily it wasn’t a roofie colada, but 100 proof vodka? Maybe not the best call of my life.


3 thoughts on “Stay Classy, San Diego

  1. Ah yes, Will Ferrell in “Blades of Glory” is some good stuff. Alas, we did not go that route. We tried to be Classy People and Responsible People, with minimal success. Still a blast!

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