Stay Classy, San Diego: The Photos

Here’s some evidence of Juno’s supreme beauty and sweet nature, as well as our last-minute Halloween costumes.

Oddly enough, the shot of Daddy in a half-shirt and skirt did not make it over to me…Hmmm….

Sadly, this beautiful girl fell asleep before the official Halloween festivities got going, but we had a fashion show on the bed while she was still perky. Please note her bright eyes, smile and my ass in the background.

Prom Queen CKD, Goddess/MILF Lili and Kitty Kat Katie before hitting the party across the street.

(Alternate captions for this photo: Juno Has Two Mommies and Shnoowich)

Hey, guess who is too old to stay up all night and then look semi-human the next day? Mommy had the good sense to come home and go to sleep. Auntie? Not so much. I hope Juno doesn’t associate me with the smell of vodka and exhaustion. Everyone knows my signature scent is whiskey and regret.


4 thoughts on “Stay Classy, San Diego: The Photos

  1. Yep, Mommy Milkbags was lookin’ smokin’ hot. Plus she has that fabulous motherly glow. It’s really cool to see her with Juno.

  2. “Whiskey and regret”…. classic. You just won me over as a fan…AGAIN.
    Juno is a cutie..and I will keep the MILF comments to myself!

  3. Thanks, Mo! Now get postin’ on your site so we can revel in YOUR genius.

    I debated about the MILF comment and figured F it! I’ll put it out there so the rest of you won’t feel pervy. You’re welcome.

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