If there’s one thing I regret about my teens, it’s the complete absence of a wild-and-crazy-out-of-control-biker-gang-shows-up-there’s-a-car-in-the-pool-type of party. I’m talking about a cross between the party scenes in Sixteen Candles and Weird Science, people, but for reals. But now that I’m living at home maybe I can convince my parents to head out of town and realize this dream.

I’m not really sure what part of all of this is the most concerning: that I’ve spent some time today reflecting on my adolescent regrets, or that I am living with my parents.


5 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Yeah, I know few real-life parties that can even remotely compare to those of an 80’s teen comedy. But hey, at least we can take comfort in the fact that we have more than made up for lost time in our adulthood!

  2. “Well, my nuts are halfway up my ass, but other than that, I’m perfect!” may truly have been Anthony Michael Hall’s Best Line Ever.

    if you throw a party that causes someone to say that, i’ll be there fo sho.

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