Oh Shut Up, Election Day Isn’t Over Yet

So, um, yeah…we have a new president and I don’t feel like crying. Well, I do, but not tears of pain and frustration. How freaking cool is this? No, all of our problems will not be solved on January 21, 2009, but people are more hopeful now than they have been in a long, long time and that is a fantastic start.

We did not go out for our traditional pie this evening. After voting we were all hungry for a real meal and opted for our favorite sushi joint – which also serves up some of the best cheesecake ever. We walked in and said we were ready to order “sushi for change” which then sparked several “for change” jokes. “I’ll have the plum wine for change.” “The pumpkin cheesecake for change sounds yummy!”

And then we went from silly to flat-out idiotic.

Mom: “I hate the word ‘poo.'”
Me: “Me too. I prefer ‘poop.'”
*Pause and look at Dave*
Dave: “I’m on the fence.”

*While coloring on the tablecloth with crayons*
Dave: “I love coloring!”

So, while our nation’s leadership is changing my family is still as ridiculous as ever. Comforting.


3 thoughts on “Oh Shut Up, Election Day Isn’t Over Yet

  1. Between closing out the Military vote and getting all the felons and illegals on the books, you must be SO proud of your new President, my Comrades and I look forward to dieing for your new President.

    We live to serve!

  2. Dave is one of the best people I know, period. Hysterically funny, super-smart, and makes the best burritos ever. He was at my 21st, so you would have seen him there, acting like it’s totally normal to see your kid THAT wasted.

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