A Message from Juno

Oh, hi there! I’m Juno Constance. You may recognize me from such posts as “Area Baby Humiliated” and “Stay Classy San Diego.” Today I just decided to sit up all on my own. You know, for the hell of it. And because I’m AWESOME. I’ve been rolling over for ages (like, way earlier than other babies) and practice yoga regularly, so why not switch it up a bit and try this “sitting” thing. Well, I have to get going. Have a great day and enjoy this picture of me being the sweetest kid ever.


6 thoughts on “A Message from Juno

  1. OH MY GOD! What a big girl! Mama must be so proud . . . mama meaning you, since that’s your nickname, AND Biff since she’s the mama.

  2. Heh, yes Auntie is very proud, as I’m sure Mama (Biff) is too. We were talking about how mobile she is, but she wasn’t quite sitting up…and lo and behold she did it!

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