Hey, Remember When I Used to Write About More Than Food?

We are in the midst of a severe vending machine/snack industry crisis.

First of all, what brain trust came up with chocolate Skittles? I have finally come to terms with blue M&M’s, but chocolate fucking Skittles? That shit is outside the paint.

OK, fine, Skittles. Make your damn disgusting new flavor. But why in the name of everything holy are they in our vending machine? WHY? What’s wrong with the regular Skittles? And who made this genius call to switch it up? Oh, let me guess! The Shittles (not a typo there, I’m just 100% certain that chocolate Skittles are horrific) were discounted or something? Yeah, there’s a reason: they taste like garbage. The thing is, EVERYONE knows these will be gross, so no one’s buying them, thus damning us to an eternity of the chocolate Skittles taking up space in the vending machine for YEARS. Possibly DECADES.

In other news: I am crazy.


One thought on “Hey, Remember When I Used to Write About More Than Food?

  1. Well now I know what to get you for Christmas. I’m gonna buy out the supply of Chocolate Shittles in the vending machine at work just for you!

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