They’re All Gonna Laugh at You

I am probably toeing the line between superfan and crazy freakshow here, but this week’s episode of 30 Rock was pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. God bless Hulu. If you missed it on Thursday, you can watch it on as many times as you want. Like, three times in one day while you eat cheese and crackers. Not that I would do that or anything… just, uh, making you aware of options. Yeah.

Liz goes to her high school reunion somewhat reluctantly, as she dreads facing up to the cool, pretty girls. Encouraged by Jack to show them that she is a successful, happy adult, she attends only to find out that the sense of humor she cultivated as a defense mechanism caused actual emotional trauma to everyone she encountered. Throw in the girl from Teen Witch, some 80’s music and references to Carrie and you have the finest half hour on television this week.

After watching this I actually IM’d a friend of mine “i think i was kind of like liz lemon in high school.” So, uh, sorry if I was a total bitch or whatever. I was in kind of a bad mood from 1987 until about 2002.


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