Where Did You Get $240? Sshhh…

I dedicate this post to Miz Literature.

Does anyone else remember the TV show The State from MTV? It was on in the mid-90’s and was quite possibly some of the goofiest, funniest, most random shit ever. Sometimes the sketches were stupid, but oh man…when they got something right those mothers NAILED it.

Plus, I love Ken Marino:

Here is where I would make a joke about him dipping his balls in something, but, like, 3 people would get it and the rest of you would just think I’m a sick perv.

I keep hearing rumors of a movie involving the cast and I’m not really sure how that would work. It would be like a Saturday Night Live movie: what the hell would the plot be? It’s a sketch comedy program – would they try to tie in recurring characters to make some sort of cohesive plot? Would it be any good? Who am I kidding? I’d pay full price to see it. The soundtrack would be great.

Not really sure where I’m going with this, other than wondering if anyone else out there knows this show. I find that I quote from many of the sketches a lot in daily life, regardless if I think the person I’m talking to has any clue what I’m saying. Anyone? Bueller?


5 thoughts on “Where Did You Get $240? Sshhh…

  1. Okay, now I see why I’m famous. Thanks for being my agent. How lame is this: A friend of mine, with whom I work, was down yesterday, so I showed her the “Grandma’s Potato Chowder” and “Louie at the Last Supper” sketches. BUT SHE DIDN”T THINK THEY WERE FUNNY!!! So, would you and I be the only ones in line at midnight ready to pay full price to see a movie with the original cast? I mean, they could GET a midnight showing if there were enough publicity for it . . .

  2. No, I never saw the show but I did see this guy recently on Role Models… at least I think that was him? lol.

    Anyway, my name is Juan. I don’t live in chico anymore, I moved away about two years ago but I miss it everyday! lol. Sad I know. Anyway, I live in woodland now and it has its ups and downs…. Stop by and read my blog, its just a bunch of random posts ranging from the serious super spiritual, to the reviews of books and albums to random stupid thoughts that come to mind. Anyway, swing by. take care.

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