I’ve Got a Gun, Let’s Go to a Broadway Show

Despite the heartbreaking absence of a Tina Fey sighting, New York was awesome. Absolutely amazing, really. There’s really no way for me to talk about the trip in any sort of interesting meaningful way, so I’ll just hit you with the highlights:

*Not sure how to express my newfound love for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, but let’s just say it’s a good thing it’s totally acceptable for me to put that stuff in my mouth because OH MAN DO I LOVE DUNKIN’ DONUTS COFFEE.

This one’s for you, Cappa.

*In keeping with the theme of my life, “I am a Lonely Nerd” I was exceedingly excited about our trip to the New York Public Library. My purse was searched about 870 times while there, which is funny considering it’s mostly closed stacks. What do the guards think I have in there? A painting off the wall? Also, are we concerned that the security at a library is more intense than the security at the airport? I spent a fair amount of time trying to find the exact location where Big ditches Carrie and think I succeeded.

*Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge made me feel like I was in a movie. That may be because I regaled Kevin with the entire plot of the Sex and the City movie and explained its significance to Miranda’s storyline which I still maintain was total bullshit but whatever. No one asked me, right? But the bridge was awesome in spite of the wind. My Dunky’s kept me warm.

*Have you been to the Met? If so, did your head almost spin off of your neck due to the sheer awesomeness of it all? I was actually a little dizzy by the time we reached the Egyptian temple, but that may have been a caffeine buzz from Dunky’s.

*Rockefeller Center…yeah, no Tina, but still pretty awesome all-around.

*Taking the ferry to Staten Island is a good (read: free) way to see the Statue of Liberty, but without all of the waiting around and crowds and such. Also, if you leave the ferry terminal, cross the street and make a right, you will find a Dunkin’ Donuts. Fun fact.

*Did you know that I can walk around an amazing city and relate everything to an episode of Sex and the City or Law & Order? Did I mention I’m still single?

*Speaking of Law & Order, I saw Anthony Anderson and did not point and shriek, “OHMYGODLAWANDORDERILOVEYOUWHERE’SJACKMCCOYAAAHHHH!” So, I might actually be growing up a bit. Who knew?

*For all of its touristy cheesiness, the Empire State Building was more than worth the wait in line. We lucked out with a gloriously clear evening, but CKD could have used some space heaters up there.

“Bring your green hat.” What’s up? Everything’s cool…I’m NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS and kind of dying inside a little about being 86 stories up in the air. Nope, not me. Totally casual and cool. Really. I’m not clinging to another person as if my life depended on it.

Oh, and obviously the very best part ever of New York was quality time with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Duh. Thanks for a fantastic weekend, Kevin! You rock!


7 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Gun, Let’s Go to a Broadway Show

  1. Excuse me. Ahem… I don’t mean to comment with unrelated random questions, so excuse my poor blog etiquette, but I need your mailing address! Would you please email it to me? Many thanks. As you were. Sorry for the interruption.

  2. You’re trip highlights are in a list… imagine that!

    Also i really like the pictures 🙂 maybe next time you’ll get one with Tina Fey!

  3. Well, I was a lonely nerd too and look how things turned out for me. Just remember, though, if you meet a guy who can quote from “Sixteen Candles” he’s cool; if he can quote from “Sex in the City” he’s gay.

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