Being Sick is for Crap


For months co-workers have breathed on me and tried to get me sick and my mighty immune system has resisted. One flight without some Airborne and my ass is out for the count. I am seriously concerned that since I am getting worse rather than better with time (and rest and juice and soup and every other damn thing that is supposed to make it all better) that my Christmas plans will be derailed. So help me if I miss out on quality Evan or Juno time there will be HELL TO PAY.

My method of dealing with illness is relatively simple and foolproof. I generally just need some juice, drugs and rest. Maybe some movies. For the most part I just want to be left alone and sleep it off. But maybe if I shout my will to be breathe again from the rooftops (or, you know, this blog) good health will once again be mine.

If you’ll excuse me now I’m going to cough into my pillow and watch Talladega Nights.


2 thoughts on “Being Sick is for Crap

  1. in my experience bouncing back and forth twice a year for a dozen years… it’s not the flight, it’s the east coast germs that gotcha. your immune system was all worked up to fight west coast germs, which are typically more laid back and collaborative in their infection approach (hey there, baby, wanna smoke up? how ’bout i infect you just a little bit?). the east coast germs, all fast-talking and full of bravado, stormed right past your defenses. ouch!!

    now go heal so you can party with us on NYE!!!

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