Didn’t You See Zoolander?

Dear Brain Trust,

The “NO SMOKING” signs are not just a suggestion: you’re not supposed to pump gas with a lit cigarette in your mouth. I don’t care what you do to yourself, but my morning plans did not include being blown up.



2 thoughts on “Didn’t You See Zoolander?

  1. were you having a “gasoline fight”? also I’m pretty sure the pure physics/chemistry behind it makes it HIGHLY unlikely that a cigarette would set gas on fire. Now while lighting the cigarette the sparks form the lighter or flame have a better chance.

    although i do agree smoking at a gas station is a BAD idea.

  2. No gasoline fight, but thank you for knowing that reference.

    And there are “No Smoking” signs posted because while unlikely that the whole joint would explode, not good to even risk it. This couple didn’t look too bright. I’m sure they are blowing up the meth lab in their basement as I write this.

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