Just Send Stacy and Clinton and We’ll Call It Good

Living and working in Chico – particularly at my place of employment – means enjoying a casual life. Maybe too casual. I took a look at myself in the mirror last week and realized, “Sweet Jesus, woman! You have been wearing the same jeans-Old Navy t-shirt-casual shoes-type of outfit for months now! Pull yourself together!” So CKD is trying to have herself a little fashion revolution here…or at least step it up a bit and dress like a grown woman who has a job.

Here’s where the plan hits a snag: I am not one of those effortlessly put-together Pretty Ladies whose hair is always in place. And I’ve tried to rock the tousled bedhead look and have wild, crazy waves and the effect is not so much “Gisele” as it is “hobo.” Stabbin’ crazy hobo at that. And while I love make up and products, I tend to stick in the neutral range and play it safe. I also do not have oodles of cash to throw at JCrew and Anthropologie, so this new plan needs to happen using what Mama’s got in her closet. But I see this as a fun challenge and am excited to get creative. Well as creative as one can be when you own as many black tops as I do. Really, someone should stage an intervention the next time I buy a black shirt. My mom will host it and serve snacks.

If this is going to happen, it’s going to need to be baby steps. Because if I try to do some sort of massive, dramatic head-to-toe overhaul I’m going to freak myself out and lose confidence and that sort of defeats the purpose.

Yesterday and today have involved small but noticeable steps towards dressing up a bit without looking ridiculous, and I feel like it is helping to differentiate me from our student workers around here. (Not that they aren’t adorable, what with their smooth skin and shiny hair, but one reaches a point where it’s ridiculous to dress like a 19 year-old.) And since 2009 is gearing up to be a year of big, fabulous changes it seems like I should have the fabulous look to go with it.

So, Interweb and Pretty Ladies out there…any advice for the fashion-retarded?


8 thoughts on “Just Send Stacy and Clinton and We’ll Call It Good

  1. I am in the same boat as you. Wanna nominate each other, give the heads up when they are filming the secret footage and wear our laundry day clothes for 2 weeks? I think it’s a plan!

    BTW: “stabbin’ crazy” I love that term. You should trademark it!

  2. Does this mean I need to start wearing my Vans or flip flops less and that “casual Fridays” should be at least a polo type shirt?
    I share your views and have tried to professionalize my appearence for the last couple of years…yes years! Why rush!?!

  3. Roadtripper – It’s a deal! And I can’t take credit for “stabbin’ crazy” since that is how Boy Chris classifies me on the “crazy” scale.

    Mo – Eh, no rush at all. Baby steps.

  4. Accessorize accessorize accessorize!

    Jeans and a t shirt can be spiced up with a snazzy necklace, clunky bracelet and some sparklie earrings.

    You could throw in the nose ring, but that might not differentiate you from the students!

  5. Baby steps to the closet, baby steps into the closet, you’re IN the closet!

    Okay, here’s what I do for casual Fridays at work:

    1. Nice jeans (I have pairs ranging from expensive True Religions to the inexpensive Old Navys, but any of them could look nice or sloppy, depending on what I pair with them.)
    2. A pair of kitten heels (MEOW!)
    3. A nice (but semi-casual) shirt, like a silky, pink, jewel-toned sleeveless top that has a large bow you can tie at the collar
    4. A black blazer over it
    5. Accessories, like cool earrings and a metallic clutch

    So, Friday night, I can take off the blazer and–voila!–I’ve got a cute going-out-for-dinner-and-
    drinks look.

    By the way, I really think I AM Stacy. There are about 20 frumpy teachers at work whose closets I’d like to go through before taking them on a shopping spree in SF. Did I tell you I was featured in the school newspaper as the best-dressed teacher on campus. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I got it goin’ on! And, from the pictures on Facebook, it doesn’t seem to me like you’re fashion-handicapped, Hottie.

  6. FraochNiCymru – I LOVE that – and have taken that advice by adding some office-appro sparkle today! Already feel more peppy and cute!

    Miz Lit – I can totally believe you were best dressed teacher. You always look fabulous! Clearly you need to channel your inner Stacy and take me shopping. I have an H&M gift card burning a hole in my wallet.

  7. my strongest recommendation is “don’t be intimidated!”

    there will be co-workers – let’s call them crazy-jealous bitches – who interpret your effort to class up the joint as a threat, or an indication that you’re interviewing. do not let this faze you! dressing up will make you feel more powerful and in control, which in turn will make you more powerful and in control. and while it may make Latte-Child at the coffee shop think that you’re out of his league (which, let’s face it, you are), it will also make Future Employer Boss Person take notice of you and say “hey – that woman’s *got* something”.

    (warning – there’s a small chance that the ‘something’ you’ve got will be Future Employer Boss Person’s Latte, because the child behind the counter was flummoxed by your fantastic style. doesn’t matter as long as they talk to you and offer you a job).

    Good Luck!!

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