Happy Birthday Nikki! aka "Bitch, you asked for it!"

Interweb, I totally screwed up. Yesterday was the birthday of a friend. She had expressed some…not-so-happy feelings about said birthday and I figured a shout-out would be as welcome as an open-handed slap in the mouth. How wrong I was! Nikki and I met through Boy Chris at the Vegas bachelor party and sat across from each other at dinner. An all-you-can-eat-meat dinner, where I made a complete and utter pig of myself. If she was horrified, she didn’t show it. And we all know that a requirement to roll with CKD is the ability to hide your disgust at my eating habits.

Nikki’s sarcasm is like a verbal bitch slap. I mean this in the best possible way.

Nikki can handle a car full of drunk morons at the In-n-Out drive-thru trying to place orders all at the same time without murdering all of us and dumping the bodies.

Nikki’s reaction when a couple of aforementioned drunk morons spill a milkshake in the car? A nonchalant, “It’s OK. This is my sister’s car.”

Nikki is on Team Get CKD to Move to Pasadena and has offered invaluable advice to put that plan into action.
Nikki never judges my immature giggling at the word “balls” and does not roll her eyes when I scream “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” She kind of encourages it, and it’s nice to have a partner in idiocy.

Nikki, for all of her smart-assedness (Is that word? We’ll say it is, sure.) is usually the first one to respond to an SOS when I’m feeling down. Especially if this is expressed via Facebook because sweet Jesus, that girl is ALWAYS ON FACEBOOK. And yes, this is the pot calling the kettle “addicted.”

Nikki’s pride in her alma mater, Boston College, should grant her status as official spokesperson or something. Except I’m pretty sure if someone questioned its awesomeness she’d just punch him or her in the neck. But come on – wouldn’t you kind of want to see THAT?

Have an amazing day (well, day AFTER your birthday) and a fantastic year. And don’t even try to tell me you’re off the booze.

Birthday Girl on the far right, lookin’ damn sassy with Kristie and Cappa.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nikki! aka "Bitch, you asked for it!"

  1. @ Nikki: Happy Belated Birthday! Props to being able to handle CKD drunk. Sometimes she’s to much for me sober (Just Kidding Cus you were suppose to read that part anyway)

    @CKD: I don’t believe that “assedness” or “smart-assedness” are words. Unless we are talking about the Dictionary of words that CKD made up for use on her blag then we are good to go. Oh and *SLAP* for forgetting your friends Birthday. My solution to this is to forget all my friends birthdays then they don’t expect it and when you remember it becomes a magic moment. This method is not recommended though.

  2. Though I still dont think you are a SoCal Gal CKD…at least I can rest assured that it sounds like you would be in capable hands!

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