Dear Evan,

You are three years old today. If you would kindly stop growing and remain at this sweet, funny, innocent, kind, still-OK-with-hugging-me-in-public stage of life, that would be great. This is in your best interest if you’d like the piggyback rides to continue.

Since stopping time isn’t an option, I guess I should come to terms with the fact that you are growing and changing every day. I hate that I’m not as geographically close to you anymore, but it makes for interesting visits. You have new favorite phrases, new games, and new songs to show off and it’s like meeting a whole new kid. A very easy-going kid – thank God. As high strung as I was, Dad deserves one laid back child. Your sense of humor is apparent: you love to laugh and are so pleased when you make us laugh, too. Sure, a lot of your material is potty-based, but who doesn’t appreciate a good poop joke?

You cannot possibly understand how loved you are, or how excited we are to be your family. This last year has brought nothing but exciting changes and growth and wonderful memories. Each year has been better than the previous one, and I can’t wait for the adventures you will take us on in 2009.

Happy Birthday, Bubba.


Yes, this picture is a little old, but it’s my favorite of you.


5 thoughts on “Three

  1. Yeah, I don’t know why half the people I know were born THIS WEEK but it makes it kind of easy to remember.

    He is getting so big fast…come down for a visit!

  2. you have 4 more years of hugs and sweetness. Seven is when the its not cool to hug, kiss or even be nice to your big sister begins. this was true with Sean. Reno turned 7 the end of Novmember and he is no longer nice to me. my kisses and hugs have been replaced by NERF shotguns pointed at my face. So cuz get in there as much as you can bc soon enough you too will know the shame of being shot via nerf weapon.
    love you

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